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Foster Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I need to provide as a foster family?

We ask that you can offer a happy, safe, and healthy environment for your foster dog. You will provide food & water although the rescue will provide food if necessary. Daily exercise and positive stimulation along with endless love are required! You also will need to transport the pup to and from vet visits & adoption events.

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How long will the dog need to be in foster care?

Ideally, we would like our dogs to stay in the foster home until adopted. Sometimes that can only be for a day, sometimes a few weeks. This depends on how long it takes us to find the perfect adoption home for your foster pup. 

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Can I foster a dog if I work full-time?

Yes! We evaluate your current schedule to match you with a foster dog who fits that schedule. We do ask for safety precautions that your foster dog is crated when home alone. 

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Can I foster a dog without a fenced yard?

Yes, but we ask that you always keep your foster dog on a leash if you do not have a fence. Even with a fence, we ask that you always supervise your pup's time outside!

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What if my foster dog is not working out?

If you feel things are not working out, we don't require you to continue to foster a dog. As we rely on our fosters while finding a pups permanent home, we ask for your patience as we find an alternate situation for the foster pup. 

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What if I want to adopt my foster dog?

We love when this happens! All fosters are required to go through the adoption process. Please let us know as soon as you make the choice to adopt your foster pup.

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