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Dog of The Month

Every month we will post our "Adoptable Dog of the Month" below! 

This is a dog that has been with us for a long time and is still in search for their furever home.


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December's Dog of the Month: Liberty

Liberty here!

I have been posted once before but I think it’s time I reintroduce myself! I’ve been in NH for a bit now and I am looking for my forever family, could that be you? I’m told that I’m a soul dog and would be a blessing to many people, I think that’s a good thing if I’m not mistaken!

I am a 4 year old female rottie mix who is incredibly loyal and sweet! I am the most devoted companion you could ever meet and I will make sure every day I show that to you! I will do anything for my people because we need to protect the ones we love!

If you are looking for a dog that is easy going well then look no further as that is me! We can go for car rides, walks, or even just cuddle on the couch. As long as I am with you my life is fabulous! But if we cuddle on the bed be warned, I’m a bit of a bed hog! I can’t help it the bed is just so comfy!

I also love dogs big and small, I haven’t met a bad one yet! And guess what? I love cats too!! You can bring me home with either as a fur sibling and like Bob Marley sings “don’t worry about a thing because everything little things going to be alright!” As for humans, I get a little scared around the littles so a house with older kids would be ideal for me. Men can be a little scary too so I need a home with a least one female and a calm, patient man to show me all men aren’t scary!

Last but certainly not least I am both house trained and crate trained! It’s hard to believe I know but I promise I really am!! Bring me home and I will show you all the wonderful things about me, I really am the perfect dog!

Is it time to fill out that application yet? If so please head on over to the website and make my dream come true of finding my forever family! I am spayed and caught up to date with vaccines! I will also have my health certificate prior to adoption!

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