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Adoption Fees:

Puppies (18 months and younger): $650

Adults: (19 months to 9 years): $550

Seniors: (9 years and older): $350

Adoption fees include the following; Health Certificate, fecal test, spay/neuter, vaccinations, transport fees, flea & tick preventative & heart worm medication.

*We encourage you to read about our adoption process before or after completing the application!*

Adoption Application


Personal Information

Household Information

Does everyone in your household agree on adopting a dog?
Do you live in:
Do you:
If you rent, do you have permission from you landlord to adopt a dog?
Have you ensured that there are no size or breed restrictions on your homeowners' or renters' insurance, homeowners' association, rental agreement, or with your mangement company?

*We require all other animals in your home be spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccinations, and on heart worm preventative

Vet & References

*Please contact your vet prior to or directly after completing the application to give them permission to speak with a representative from Live Free Animal Rescue.

Are all current pets spayed or neutered, vaccinated per state law, and on monthly heart worm preventative?
Have you ever rehomed, euthanized, or bred a pet?

Dog Information

What are you looking to adopt?
What type of dog would be best for you?

Please include typical exercise, meals, schedule, sleeping arrangements, crate time, daycare, etc

Please explain methods for house training, activities the dog will do with you, etc

How many hours a day would the dog be home alone?

i.e. House training, separation anxiety, socialization, fear, adjustments to other pets, etc. 

Are you willing to work through unexpected hardships with your dog and hire a trainer, if needed?

Other Information & Signature

**Some dogs are still with our Southern partners**

By entering your name below, you confirm that the information provided is accurate. You also grant permission for vet checks on current and previously owned pets, as well as personal reference checks. If a home visit is determined necessary by a Live Free volunteer, you consent to that. If information is falsified, your application will be denied.

You understand that the adoption fees are as follows;

Puppies (18 months and younger): $650

Adults: (19 months to 9 years): $550

Seniors: (9 years and older): $350

Live Free Animal Rescue's adoption contract requires that should you become unable to keep this dog for any reason, you must notify the rescue, and we have the first right of refusal to retake possession of the dog. 


You understand that if you adopt from Live Free Animal Rescue, this application becomes part of the contract and will stay on file. 

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